Danzan ryu Jujitsu (Jiu-Jitsu) is a Japanese Jujutsu founded by H.S. Okazaki.  Our main focus is self-defense. Our curriculum offers a balanced approach to martial training that covers standing joint locks (Yawara), throws (Nage), chokes (Shime), weapon defense (Kiai no Maki), and healing (Kappo and Seifukujutsu). We incorporate traditional values and respect in the dojo (training hall) that extend to everyday life.  

Self-defense through perfection and application of technique is our primary focus. Application of technique is applied through creative drills and lessons.  Flow drills are used to help develop smooth transitions and confidence in applying techniques.  Newaza (ground fighting) and tachiwaza (free form sparring with throws) come only when you are ready.  This is to further build confidence in your application of techniques.  Our goal is to finish a technique quickly and get away from the situation.


Self-improvement in martial arts is the development of your total self that comes from your Jujitsu training.  “Satori through waza” is the enlightenment from your training that involves movement and application.  Confidence and humility are made self-aware through your accomplishments and self-reflection on areas where you need improvement.  No-one needs to tell you the obvious in what you discover during randori (sparring/rolling) or daily lessons.  Our instructors are simply there to serve by suggesting better approaches on your road to success.

What I like about about Jujitsu system is our balanced approach to traditional values and modern application.  The attention to detail becomes a habit and transfers to all areas of your life.  I.e. The way you keep a clean and unwrinkled Gi (uniform) takes hold in your personal grooming.  The respect and care you show your training partners for their safety becomes the respect you show others everyday.  The confidence as your ability means you have no interest in proving yourself outside the dojo, since you already know the answer.  Self-improvement is ongoing and is the cultivation of the total self over time.