Jujitsu (Jiu-Jitsu)

1. — This is the Danzan ryu main site. You can find more detailed information about the history and more specific knowledge of Danzan ryu Jujitsu. I highly recommend this site.

2. — Prof. Janovich of Danzan ryu Jujitsu (Santa Clara, California).

3. — Prof. Bob Hudson of Danzan ryu Jujitsu. (Arizona)  His Jujitsu videos are a must see for all Danzan ryu students.  Please check under “Product” section of his website.  These are only meant as a supplement to your training.

4. — Prof. Douglas Kiehl of Danzan ryu Jujitsu (Carlisle, Pennsylvania).

5. — Danzan ryu Jujitsu taught in Colorado by Chris Love. (Brighton, Colorado)

Misc. Martial Arts

1. — RyuTe Kempo. Authentic Okinawan Kempo Karate decending from Taika Oyata. Located in Bethesda, Maryland.

2. Shorinji (Kempo) Makotoken-Do — Kempo.  Fredericksburg, VA.  Instructor:  John Bannon.

3. — The Jim Wagner Reality-Based Personal Protection system is the original “reality-based” self-defense system. The term “reality-based,” a little known police term for scenario training, was first introduced to the martial arts community by Jim Wagner in 1999 when his monthly column HIGH RISK first appeared in Black Belt magazine, and then in Budo magazine in Europe in 2000. Now self-defense experts all over the world are using the term to describe a whole new genre in the martial arts.


1. — Information about Yoga and well-being.

2. Rogue Ashtanga An Evolutionary Approach to Mysore Self-practice and Vinyasa Krama, with Rexx Anthony Samuell, based in D.C. with international retreats and intensives


1. — The American Judo and Jujitsu Federation is a worldwide organization of martial arts schools dedicated to the preservation and promulgation of the Danzan Ryu system of Jujitsu.