Martial Arts and Cultural Events

Martial Arts Events – 2017 – updates coming soon

Martial Arts Events – 2016

Upcoming Events – Below are upcoming Events for 2016.

1.  Danzan-ryu Jujitsu – Prof. Thabiti Sabahive.  Date: July 16. Bethesda, MD dojo. 1 – 4pm.  Will assist in student exam and explain finer technical points after exam to consider.

2.  Modern Arnis.  Prof. John Ralston.  Date: End July.  Teaching Modern Arnis on a monthly basis.

Monthly Social –  We meet once a month to socialize with our friends in the martial arts. This social event is welcome to current, former, and friends of Jujitsu.  Our next event will be Saturday evening, July 16, after testing.  Please inquire and bring a friend!

Testing – Next testing will be July 16, 2016.  All ranks testing.  Richard will be testing for black belt.  Also testing Advanced white belt and blue belt.

Visiting Instructor to Dojo –  We host regular instructors to our dojo throughout the year.

Cultural and Community
Sensei’s Message

Videos – please purchase videos covering Yawara, Nage, and Shime on Prof. Hudson’s website: 2016 Goals – One of my goals for 2016 is to continue to reach out to other organizations and welcome them to our dojo.  This has benefited visiting Jujitsuka’s throughout the country who have passed through the Washington, DC area temporarily to know they have a home dojo away from home to train in.  Ohana!

  New cultural events will be posted soon!